I swapped the surgeon's knife for lifestyle medicine to save more lives

My Journey to Lifestyle Medicine

My own journey to being a Lifestyle doctor started as a medical student at University College London. Whilst studying, I set up a Plant-Based Restaurant in Soho, London, as I have always been passionate about Nutrition as well as Medicine. But it was whilst training and teaching at Cambridge University as a surgeon that several events hit me all at once.

The three reasons I became a Lifestyle Doctor ...

The limits of surgery

The first was the agony of recognising that many of the people we were operating on for heart disease in Cambridge, needed more risky repeat operations because their disease came back. We couldn’t operate on people who were too sick, so they died needlessly. I wanted to do something before people were at death's door.

The amazing impact of my restaurant

Secondly, customers at the restaurant would leave messages stating that “I’ve lost weight naturally, just by eating at your restaurant several times per week.” Or “my blood pressure and diabetic meds have been stopped by my doctor because my readings are normal since I started coming to your restaurant.”

I was helpless to save my father

Thirdly, I saw my father die from a stroke after complications from diabetes. I finally decided to leave the career path of surgery and dedicate my life to the science behind how we can reverse the big chronic diseases. I couldn’t save my father, but I needed, and still need, to save others from a similar, needless fate.

This message is more important than ever

I am truly honoured to have helped heal many thousands of people. I'm on a mission to help thousands more. Today, with the current pandemic, where over 99% of victims have an underlying (Lifestyle) disease, this message is more urgent than ever.