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TalkRADIO - The importance of Lifestyle Medicine

What inspired Dr Chidi to leave surgery and go into lifestyle medicine? Can you lose weight by eating more? Coffee: yay or nay? All this and more is what Dr Chidi talked about on his radio interview with talkRADIO. Listen now and be inspired to change your lifestyle today.

BBC - Weight Loss Advice

I’ve had the privilege of being featured regularly in the media, including the established mainstream channels like the BBC, ITV and Sky. And I am also a regular medical expert on “Good Morning Britain” and feature in BBC health shows such as “Food: Truth or Scare.”

ITV Interview - Fertility for Older Women

The dangers of waiting too long to have children.

'End of Medicine' by Joaquin Phoenix

I’ve just recently finished filming for a new documentary movie, “The End of Medicine” produced by the film stars Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, and Keegan Khun from “Cowspiracy” and directed by the BAFTA-winning, Alex Lockwood.

It's not just about medicine

My broad interest in current affairs, politics and history has meant that I get many opportunities to express my views on television shows such as “Sky Newspaper Review”, and BBC Radio London’s Newspaper Review with host, Vanessa Phelps.

Health writing

I write and feature regularly in many publications including ELLE, Men's Health, Top Santé, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent and many more.

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